Zhou Yu (175-210) was a famous and one of the most capable military strategists for Sun Ce and his successor Sun Quan during the Three Kingdoms era.

Zhou Yu was intelligent and young, and he was also considered a very handsome man by his contemporaries. He was very open and made friends with his humbleness. Cheng Pu was an elder general of Sun Jian and he made fun of Zhou Yu's youth. Yet Zhou Yu took all of the abuse stoically and they eventually became great friends. He was a man of many talents, who was also well versed in music and poems. There was a saying at that time: "Should the tune be in error, Zhou Yu takes note." ("曲有誤, 周郎顧")

He was also famous for his loyalty. Even though Sun Quan saw Zhou Yu as an older brother, Zhou Yu never crossed the line, and he always served Sun Quan with humility and care.

Short Story, manga version:
The elegant general of platinum. Childhood friend of Sonken. Skilled in martial arts and literary arts, his graceful appearance leads to him being known as Bishuurou (美周郎). He thinks that forming a powerful navy is indispensable in the suppression of Koto (江東).
In the battle of the Red Cliff, he destroyed half of the metal fleet with the Tenrai Kahou. But was shot in the chest during an attack by the Keishuu troops. After the battle, he ascertains the growth of Sonken and silently falls asleep.

Weapon: Tenrai Kahou (天雷火砲)
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Weapon: Byakkotou (白虎刀)

Weapon: Hakuzoukyuu (白爪弓)
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